Go Green

At R & G Water Systems, we are happy to offer various solutions for our eco-conscious customers who care about the environment as much as we do. Besides all the energy- and water-efficient appliances we carry and install, such as well pumps, well tanks and water treatment systems, we also supply rain storage units and biodegradable soaps.

Rain Storage Units

We sell and install rain storage units (water barrels), allowing you to collect and reuse rain water for your lawn and garden. Instead of paying for expensive city water or using your limited well water supplies, take advantage of the rain! In Maryland, the weather is cooperative enough to supply a good amount of rain for your basic gardening and landscaping needs.

Biodegradable Soaps

Biodegradable liquid soaps are designed for use with water treatment systems that soften naturally hard water. Since water that comes from a water softener system is already soft, why pay more for soap products that contain added (and now redundant) softeners? Our 100% biodegradable soaps are made in the USA from sustainable resources without animal testing and are packaged in recyclable containers—you couldn’t be greener if you tried!