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Maryland Water Quality Services

Should you be worried about your water quality? If you are taking measures to keep yourself and your family healthy by eating right, exercising or choosing non-toxic cleaning products, you should also care about the water in your home. It plays a huge role in our lives, being used everywhere from cooking, showering and cleaning to drinking. It’s up to you to ensure that water that goes into your body or touches your skin does good, rather than harm.

City Water vs Well Water

If you own a home outside of the city’s water supply, you are getting your water from your own well. As a homeowner, you are responsible for managing and maintaining water quality in your well. While it was inspected and declared safe when it was drilled, over time it may become contaminated. Annual water testing is recommended to ensure adequate water quality.

If you live in a city, your water comes from municipal facilities that are required to follow certain EPA standards when it comes to water quality. However, this doesn’t mean your water is 100% safe and pure. It is tested as it leaves the treatment facility, but on its long way to your tap, city water can pick up various contaminants from outdated plumbing systems.

What’s in Your Water?

To help you find out what’s in your water, R & G Water Systems offers a free in-home water analysis for mineral content. We will test your water for common contaminants and suggest an appropriate water treatment or conditioning solution. Bacteriological testing can be performed for a nominal fee.

Below are some of the pollutants frequently found in both well and city tap water:

  • Lead and arsenic
  • Bacteria and germs
  • Byproducts of chlorine treatment (in city water)
  • Radon
  • Nitrates and pesticides (in well water)

Some of these contaminants may cause serious long-term damage, including cancers and developmental delays. Other chemicals naturally occurring in water, such as calcium or iron, while not harmful to you, can lead to plumbing damage and decreased water quality if present in abundance. However, with the right water treatment system it’s possible to turn your contaminated tap water into bottled-quality water—imagine all the money you’ll save on pre-packaged water!

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