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Types of Water Treatment Systems

Water quality is extremely important whether you own a well or are getting your water through a municipal water system. The issue is that there are multiple different types of water treatment systems which you can install in your home. So, how do you know which type is best for your home? This guide should help you in deciding which type of water treatment system is best. Perform a Water Analysis The first step to complete if you are experiencing

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Common Water Pollutants Found in Household Water

Household water can contain many pollutants which, while common, can have adverse affects on your health. As an experienced Maryland water quality services company, we've seen it all and want to share with you the common water pollutants found in household water and what you can do about them. Lead in my Water Lead usually gets into our water through lead pipes or lead solder used to join other types of metal pipes. If you suspect you have lead in

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The Benefits of Drinking More Water

Water is one of the most widely-used and healthiest drinks in existence. Are you drinking enough? There are plenty of benefits to drinking more water, and reasons against it are slim to none! 1. It’s almost always available to you! Bottled water is great for when you’re on the go, but why spend money when there’s water readily available in your home?! Filtered tap water is perfectly healthy to drink and doesn’t require a trip to the store. 2. It

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4 Common Problems With Old Wells

Have you inherited an old well when you purchased your house? It probably passed the inspection and was declared as a reliable source of drinking water for the mean time, but it doesn't mean it's free of problems. Take a look at these 4 common issues that many homeowners with old wells often end up facing. And feel free to give us a call for Maryland in-home water testing if you are concerned about the quality of your drinking water.

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What to Do When You Are Out of Water in Carroll County

If you are reading this, you have probably already experienced that unsettling feeling when you open a faucet and nothing comes out—not a drop! Or maybe your plumbing started gurgling and spitting out some brownish gunk. Either way, having no running water is a serious problem, as we rely on water in everything we do from washing hands to cooking, flushing the toilet and hydrating our bodies. If you are out of water in Carroll County, Maryland, don't panic! Follow

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The Most Common Signs of Hard Water

If you're trying to diagnose whether or not you have hard water, there are some quick and simple ways to find out. We've heard all kinds of different ways in which you can tell if you have hard water; some are true and some are not. We decided to help put an end to the search for these common signs you have hard water and assemble the best ways for you here. What is Hard Water? First, let's discuss what

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