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How Often Should I Test My Water?

By now you have probably heard the news about the lead in water situation in Flint, MI. And if you could take away one lesson from this situation, it should be that you can't rely on anyone when it comes to the quality of your water supply. This has been true for homeowners with private wells for a while, but clearly even the municipal water supply is not that reliable. While it does get tested and treated, it's impossible to

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Why Does my Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping?

If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, it can be cause for alarm. Typically circuits will break for a number of reasons, but if the circuit that keeps tripping is hooked up to your water systems there may be a few culprits. So, why does my circuit breaker keep tripping? Here are a few potential reasons. Circuit Overload A circuit on your breaker could be overloaded which means the circuit's wiring is receiving more amps than it can handle. Typically, this

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When You Call. We Answer.

How many times have you called a company for help only to have gotten the run around by an automated answering machine, or even been told to hang up and look online? Or worse yet, never received a call back. We, on the other hand, strive to remain somewhat “old fashioned” by offering that personal touch, paying attention to our customer’s concerns and questions. We appreciate each of our customers and will treat you with courtesy, not contempt. Therefore, we

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Why We Choose Hydrotech

R & G Water Systems chooses to partner with Hydrotech and considers them our preferred manufacturer of water treatment systems. We believe that honesty and transparency with our customers is a cornerstone of our success and builds trust between us and the community. So why do we choose Hydrotech? We choose to install Hydrotech products because we feel they are an exceptional company that shares our values. They do not just meet quality and value standards, they far exceed them,

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What’s Really in Bottled Water?

Ever look at the ingredients list of your bottled water? Not only are there other ingredients typically listed besides water, but there are even different types of water to begin with! It can leave consumers confused at the end of the day as to what is really in the bottled water. So, when you boil it down, what's really in there? Bottled Water Ingredients? If you're reading the back of your bottled water and wondering why they bother to list

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How a Well Pump Contractor Can Help

Your Westminster friends probably give you a puzzled look when you, the suburb dweller, mention well pump problems. They can't possibly understand that waking up to air coming out of the faucet instead of water is a borderline traumatic experience, especially if you need to do laundry, shower and be out the door in 30 minutes. That's why you don't call them when you have well pump problems—you call your local Maryland well pump contractor! What a Well Pump Contractor

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