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Our Office Has A New Location

Hampstead’s main street is getting a face lift so our sidewalk and street parking are under construction, but don’t worry, we are still open. We are excited to announce that the R & G Water Systems team has moved to a new location in Hampstead, Maryland. Manchester Our old office in Manchester served us well; we made some great memories and served so many customers there, but we are very excited to tell you all about our new space. Our

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The Amazing Little Pressure Switch on Captive Air Storage Tanks

If power has been restored to your home after a temporary power outage and you find that your well pump will not run, you may be able to help yourself and restart the well pump by following a few simple steps. What is the Pressure Switch? The pressure switch is the device that turns the well pump on and off. It is usually located near the bottom front of the tank, approximately 10” – 12” off of the floor. This

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Why Hire An Experienced Well Pump Service Provider

Working with an experienced well pump service provider is key to being proactive, saving money, and maintaining your well pump system properly. Why Hire A Professional? Well pumps are not as easy for the homeowner to repair and maintain on their own as regular household plumbing fixtures. Additionally, tackling malfunctions or failures on your own might result in an even bigger issue. Don’t be hesitant to pass this job along to an experienced Maryland well pump service provider! Well pumps are

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Jet Pump Problems?

Do you depend on a jet pump for water delivery to your home? If you are having problems with your jet pump or have questions regarding this type of pump system, be sure to call Rick Roos, the owner of R & G Water Systems, Inc. What Kind of Well Pump Supplies My Home? Jet pumps were very popular in the 1950’s through the early 1970’s. If you can hear a motor running in the basement when you draw water

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Types of Water Treatment Systems

Water quality is extremely important whether you own a well or are getting your water through a municipal water system. The issue is that there are multiple different types of water treatment systems which you can install in your home. So, how do you know which type is best for your home? This guide should help you in deciding which type of water treatment system is best. Perform a Water Analysis The first step to complete if you are experiencing

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Common Water Pollutants Found in Household Water

Household water can contain many pollutants which, while common, can have adverse affects on your health. As an experienced Maryland water quality services company, we've seen it all and want to share with you the common water pollutants found in household water and what you can do about them. Lead in my Water Lead usually gets into our water through lead pipes or lead solder used to join other types of metal pipes. If you suspect you have lead in

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