A Home Grown Business in Carroll County Maryland

         EXPERIENCE - EXPERTISE - INTEGRITY, these words define the principles upon which R&G Water Systems was created. After gaining over 32 years of experience working in the industry, Rick Roos and his wife Georgina took their philosophy, developed a business plan, and launched R&G Water Systems now headquartered in Hampstead. Owned and

When You Call. We Answer.

How many times have you called a company for help only to have gotten the run around by an automated answering machine, or even been told to hang up and look online? Or worse yet, never received a call back. We, on the other hand, strive to remain somewhat “old fashioned” by offering that personal

Why We Choose Hydrotech

R & G Water Systems chooses to partner with Hydrotech and considers them our preferred manufacturer of water treatment systems. We believe that honesty and transparency with our customers is a cornerstone of our success and builds trust between us and the community. So why do we choose Hydrotech? We choose to install Hydrotech products

Our Covid-19 Response

During the Coronavirus emergency, we are taking every precaution to keep our customers and our crew safe and healthy. Members of our crew will be wearing cloth masks, shoe coverings, and gloves. We have also provided them with disinfectant. We have also insured that they are aware of standard measures to be taken under these

Congratulations to Rick, on 50 Amazing years!

If you have experienced a water emergency in the Maryland area over the last 50 years, or perhaps you’re in the water business sector, you might know Rick Roos. If you’ve met Rick, count yourself lucky. He may have helped you fix a no water problem in your home or business; he might have been

Find Our Ad in Carroll Magazine!

Check out our fun advertorial that was published in this month’s issue of Carroll Magazine! Our favorite part of this full page ad is the group photo. Our employees are more like family and we hope when you see our smiling faces in our group picture that it feels more like a family portrait than

Our Office Has A New Location

Hampstead’s main street is getting a face lift so our sidewalk and street parking are under construction, but don’t worry, we are still open. We are excited to announce that the R & G Water Systems team has moved to a new location in Hampstead, Maryland. Manchester Our old office in Manchester served us well;

Common Water Pollutants Found in Household Water

Household water can contain many pollutants which, while common, can have adverse affects on your health. As an experienced Maryland water quality services company, we've seen it all and want to share with you the common water pollutants found in household water and what you can do about them. Lead in my Water Lead usually

The Benefits of Drinking More Water

Water is one of the most widely-used and healthiest drinks in existence. Are you drinking enough? There are plenty of benefits to drinking more water, and reasons against it are slim to none! 1. It’s almost always available to you! Bottled water is great for when you’re on the go, but why spend money when

Why Does my Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping?

If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, it can be cause for alarm. Typically circuits will break for a number of reasons, but if the circuit that keeps tripping is hooked up to your water systems there may be a few culprits. So, why does my circuit breaker keep tripping? Here are a few potential reasons.

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