Home Health Tips for People with Allergies

  Do you, or someone in your home struggle with allergy issues? While the most obvious culprits to avoid are pets with dander, or yard work when pollen is bad, there are some other tips to consider. Follow these home health tips for people with allergies to help avoid an allergy flare up. Washable Curtains

How Safe is My Carroll County Water?

Depending on where you live in Carroll County your water could be coming from several sources. General speaking Maryland water is coming from reservoirs outside of city limits, it is collected and stored, then may make its way to filtration before it arrives at your home. Prettyboy Reservoir located in Northern Baltimore County is one

What Corrosion Does to Your Drinking Water

  Corrosion is a common problem that effects many homeowners and businesses in the Maryland area. Corrosion is a chemical process that occurs naturally an causes breakdown of metals, this causes plumbing issues as well as drinking water issues. If you notice any signs of corrosion you should immediately consult a water professional to test

Is City Water Safer than Well Water?

At R & G Water Systems we conduct water testing services for all of Carroll County, Baltimore County, Frederick County, Howard County, and more. Because we service such a large area in Maryland we have the opportunity to test and analyze water from many diverse areas and also from both home well and from various

Why Does My Water Smell?

When you turn on your tap and fill your glass you usually expect to have clear, fresh, and drinkable water coming out. Far too often we hear from customers who experience issues with water that has an odor - it's more common that you might think! There are several causes associated with “stinky” water, but

What is Hard Water?

If you are a Maryland resident, especially in Carroll County, there's a good chance you get your water from a well. Even if you don't and are on water provided by the city, you still may recall hearing the term “hard water”, it's a very common problem, affecting around 85% of the U.S. Hard Water

Troubleshooting “No Water” Emergencies

There are situations when access to water is crucial for survival. This is especially true when natural disasters hit large areas. However, “no water” emergencies should not be taken lightly even when everything else is fine and you just don’t have water in your office or home. “No water” emergencies can be caused by many

Happy Holidays From R&G Water Systems

Our team at R&G Water Systems would like to thank our customers and wish you a warm and wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year! It's been an exciting year for us, as we continue to grow and improve our services. And we couldn't have done it without you! We hope your holiday celebrations go

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