A Home Grown Business in Carroll County Maryland

         EXPERIENCE - EXPERTISE - INTEGRITY, these words define the principles upon which R&G Water Systems was created. After gaining over 32 years of experience working in the industry, Rick Roos and his wife Georgina took their philosophy, developed a business plan, and launched R&G Water Systems now headquartered in Hampstead. Owned and

Troubleshooting “No Water” Emergencies

There are situations when access to water is crucial for survival. This is especially true when natural disasters hit large areas. However, “no water” emergencies should not be taken lightly even when everything else is fine and you just don’t have water in your office or home. “No water” emergencies can be caused by many

Why Does My Water Smell?

When you turn on your tap and fill your glass you usually expect to have clear, fresh, and drinkable water coming out. Far too often we hear from customers who experience issues with water that has an odor - it's more common that you might think! There are several causes associated with “stinky” water, but

Our Covid-19 Response

During the Coronavirus emergency, we are taking every precaution to keep our customers and our crew safe and healthy. Members of our crew will be wearing cloth masks, shoe coverings, and gloves. We have also provided them with disinfectant. We have also insured that they are aware of standard measures to be taken under these

Congratulations to Rick, on 50 Amazing years!

If you have experienced a water emergency in the Maryland area over the last 50 years, or perhaps you’re in the water business sector, you might know Rick Roos. If you’ve met Rick, count yourself lucky. He may have helped you fix a no water problem in your home or business; he might have been

Find Our Ad in Carroll Magazine!

Check out our fun advertorial that was published in this month’s issue of Carroll Magazine! Our favorite part of this full page ad is the group photo. Our employees are more like family and we hope when you see our smiling faces in our group picture that it feels more like a family portrait than

Our Office Has A New Location

Hampstead’s main street is getting a face lift so our sidewalk and street parking are under construction, but don’t worry, we are still open. We are excited to announce that the R & G Water Systems team has moved to a new location in Hampstead, Maryland. Manchester Our old office in Manchester served us well;

What Corrosion Does to Your Drinking Water

  Corrosion is a common problem that effects many homeowners and businesses in the Maryland area. Corrosion is a chemical process that occurs naturally an causes breakdown of metals, this causes plumbing issues as well as drinking water issues. If you notice any signs of corrosion you should immediately consult a water professional to test

Happy Holidays From R&G Water Systems

Our team at R&G Water Systems would like to thank our customers and wish you a warm and wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year! It's been an exciting year for us, as we continue to grow and improve our services. And we couldn't have done it without you! We hope your holiday celebrations go

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