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EXPERIENCE – EXPERTISE – INTEGRITY, these words define the principles upon which R&G Water Systems was created. After gaining over 32 years of experience working in the industry, Rick Roos and his wife Georgina took their philosophy, developed a business plan, and launched R&G Water Systems now headquartered in Hampstead. Owned and operated by Rick and his wife Georgina, the company provides installation and service of well pumps, well systems, and water treatment systems to residential and light commercial locations. The company services the greater Baltimore metropolitan area as well as southern Pennsylvania. Georgina handles the administration side of the business, and Rick, his stepson and four additional employees tackle installation and service. Altogether, they have well over 75 years of experience in the water industry. “We strive to provide honest, courteous and fairly priced services and products,” explained Rick. And because water emergencies can happen anytime day or night, R&G Water has a 24-hour emergency hotline for well and water issues. R&G Water Systems can help solve water pressure issues, address low yielding wells and recommend the best solution, for your water quality concerns. “Each situation is different and we design a plan based on the customer’s needs,” stated Georgina. Whether your water is sourced from a well or the local water treatment facility, it can be full of contaminants that can be harmful to your health, as well as your home’s plumbing. Some indicators that you may have a water quality issue include a foul smell, bad taste or water stains. Rick and his family have been Carroll County residents for decades, so they have an interest and commitment to not only providing services to the community, but also in helping their neighbors. R&G Water Systems offers a helpline to provide information and expertise to whomever needs it. “I don’t mind talking to folks if I can help solve a well pump or water quality problem,” he noted. And his offer to help extends beyond the county and even state lines, “We have people calling from all over the United States,” he continued, proving that the need for clean, drinkable water is universal. Rick believes that ground water is one of our most precious resources and he is eager to help his customers optimize their access to it as well as improve the quality of it. “We’re all in this life together so we should help one another,” Rick affirmed.

For more information about R&G Water and the services they provide, visit www.rgwater.com. ■

(Reprinted with permission for Carroll Magazine Profiles: RGWater_HomeGrown, June/July 2022)