Water System Products for MD & PA

A special note for DIY’ers: We offer better quality and better performance equipment than your local home center!
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R & G Water Systems offers prompt service and installs top-quality well pumps, air purifiers, all brands and models of well tanks, as well as water treatment and conditioning systems. We also carry and sell all of the supplies you will need for your well or water system, including calcite, salt and filters.

Well Pumps, Well Pump Service

We carry every type of residential jet and submersible well pumps. Are you drilling a new well, upgrading your old pump or replacing a failed pump? If so, you can depend on us for well pump selection and installation.
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Water Treatment Systems

If your get your water from a well, a water treatment system will improve its taste and feel. We offer various equipment from competitively priced to high end units. When evaluating your situation, we will offer you a couple of different systems that best fit your budget to solve your water problems.
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Water Softening Systems

A water softening system is designed to soften the water high in mineral content. This problem typically has to do with where you live and the nature of the aquifer that supplies your well. In some areas, water is naturally high in calcium, magnesium and other minerals.
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Parts & Supplies

Looking for advice, repair parts, or supplies for your “Saturday morning fix-up”? Feel free to call us – we will be glad to speak with you. We have repair parts and water conditioner supplies available via UPS or pick up. Local delivery is available.

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