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Maryland Well Yields

A well yield is a measurement of how much water, how fast and for how long your well can produce. Measured in gallons per minute, a well yield is one of the major indicators of your well’s performance. Well yield testing is required when you drill a new well or sell a property that has a well. In Maryland, a residential well has to produce a minimum yield of one gallon per minute in order to meet the well standards.

R & G Water Systems is a Maryland well yield expert that can perform an accurate well yield test according to the state regulations on any new or existing wells. We can also test the water quality and the flow rate to make sure your well is suitable to sustain your household’s water usage. For the purpose of property transfer, well yield test results are good for three years and water quality analysis is valid for 180 days in Maryland.  R & G Water Systems, Inc. provides expert well yield tests and consultation in Central Maryland including  Westminster, Columbia, Ellicott City, Carroll County, Howard County, and Baltimore County

What if My Well Yield is Not Sufficient?

Different types of wells may require different yields depending on the specific well construction and technologies. If the test results show that your water well doesn’t produce enough water or can’t sustain a consistent flow, you have a few options other than re-drilling. One of them is to add additional or intermediate storage that would satisfy the water demand during peak hours. The second option is to install a secondary well connected to your primary well, so that both of them yield at least 0.5 gallons per minute. You can also minimize household water use or invest in water-saving appliances to reduce the stress on your well. R & G Water Systems can help you figure out the best solution to your low-yield well.

Low Yielding Wells

If a low yielding well is a problem contact us for solutions, we can design a storage system to provide you with a generous supply of water for your home.

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