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Depending on where you live in Carroll County your water could be coming from several sources. General speaking Maryland water is coming from reservoirs outside of city limits, it is collected and stored, then may make its way to filtration before it arrives at your home. Prettyboy Reservoir located in Northern Baltimore County is one of Carroll Counties water sources. Your Carroll County water may also come from a well instead of provided by the city, if this is the case your water is more than likely a combination of rainfall and snow melt water and ground water from the nearest watershed in your area.

The safety of your water is dependent on the route your water takes to get to you and what it may encounter on its way. There have been water tests performed in Carroll County that has shown some shocking levels of undrinkable material in the water, these are typically isolated incidents though as the majority of Carroll Counties water is safe to drink, but still may contain trace amounts of undesirable minerals and deposits.

Who is in Charge of Water Safety?

The Bureau of Utilities is responsible for the Operation and Maintenance of water and wastewater facilities in specific areas of Carroll County. The Bureau of Utilities operates and maintains a 3.0 mgd (million gallon per day) filtration plant known as the Freedom District Water Treatment Plant, five water storage tanks, two booster stations and 120 miles of distribution mains in the Freedom area.

The Bureau is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Bark Hill Water supply, which became operational in May, 1993; and the Pleasant Valley Community Water system, operational since March of 1991. Groundwater source in the Freedom servicing area to supplement the Freedom District Water Treatment Plant DTCx in use and others being developed.

In addition, the Bureau is responsible for meter readings as well as hydrant and meter replacement and maintenance. Annual water quality reports, as mandated by EPA, are available upon request for areas we service.

Can I See My County’s Water Tests?

You can obtain water records by calling (410)386-2164 and asking for the most recent Consumer Confidence Report for your area. Those reports can also be found online at

Should I Test my Home’s Water?

We recommend that you test your Carroll County, Maryland Home’s water at least once a year. This ensures that your water is safe and that if it is undrinkable that we can address your particular water issues and keep you and your family safe. You can schedule a FREE in-home water test with us by filling out our online form or by calling us at 410-239-0700.