Household water can contain many pollutants which, while common, can have adverse affects on your health. As an experienced Maryland water quality services company, we’ve seen it all and want to share with you the common water pollutants found in household water and what you can do about them.

water pollutants

Lead in my Water

Lead usually gets into our water through lead pipes or lead solder used to join other types of metal pipes. If you suspect you have lead in your water, it’s crucial you get in touch with a local Maryland water quality service and have them test your water and remove the lead. To remove lead from drinking water, it typically requires either re-piping the entire home and/or an in-home water conditioning system.

Water Containing Bacteria

Bacteria contamination is a fairly common problem in water, especially those who get their water from wells or springs. It can be noticed visibly by a rust-colored slime on your faucets; or through an in-home water quality test. Typically the source of the bacteria is not something easily corrected, so it’s important to treat your water before drinking. The best way to disinfect your water to get rid of bacteria will be to boil it, but that’s not really convenient. So instead, you can shock-chlorinate your water source, and then install a UV water filter in your home to kill off the bacteria.

Chlorine and Chloramines in my City Water

City water is known to contain chlorine and chloramines; everyone with a city water line has probably smelt these chemicals. Chlorine disinfects water supplies in an economical and effective way to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases such as cholera or typhoid. That said, it’s not perfect as chlorine and chloramines are said to cause cancer. So, how do you remove chlorine from your water? Install a reverse osmosis water system and a charcoal-activated filtration system.

Radon in my Water

If you have radon in your water, it’s probably from a well drilled into bedrock containing the gas. Radon isn’t a huge issue in drinking water, but it can reach dangerous levels on rare occasions. If your water has elevated levels of radon, you can correct the issue. Removing radon is quite a complicated endeavor though, and typically requires the help of a professional. Be sure to contact your local Maryland water treatment company for help with removing radon from your water.

Contact a Maryland Water Quality Service

If you fear your home has any of the above contaminants, or if you’ve tested your water and know for sure, get in touch with a professional Maryland water treatment company. A Maryland water quality service will be able to assess your home’s water and develop customized solutions to help you address any and all water issues. This way, you can have bottled-quality water from your faucet.

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