If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, it can be cause for alarm. Typically circuits will break for a number of reasons, but if the circuit that keeps tripping is hooked up to your water systems there may be a few culprits. So, why does my circuit breaker keep tripping? Here are a few potential reasons.

Why Does my Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping?

Circuit Overload

A circuit on your breaker could be overloaded which means the circuit’s wiring is receiving more amps than it can handle. Typically, this is simply because you have too many electronics running on the same circuit at one time and the issue can be solved by turning one of the appliances off and then re-setting the breaker. If your Maryland home water system is overloading the circuit it is on, you may need to install a new circuit and outlet for the area where the overload is happening to help manage the load of electricity.

Short Circuit

A short circuit in your home is dangerous, and it’s one reason circuit breakers are great to have. Your circuit breaker should shut-off if there is a short-circuit because the short causes a circuit overload. Causes of short circuits could be a hot wire touching a neutral wire, loose connections, or because of a plumbing leak. If your circuit breaker keeps tripping and you think it may be due to a leak from your home water system, get in touch with your local Maryland water system company so they can help you fix the leak.

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Ground Fault

Similar to a short circuit, a ground fault happens when the hot wire touches the ground wire. Many homes are protected by GFCI’s or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters which would prevent damage from a ground fault. When having your Maryland home water system installed ask about GFCI’s and whether the water system will be installed with one. If the circuit which is tripping does not have GFCIs, and you fear there is a ground fault, contact your local electrician.

While a tripped circuit breaker may be annoying, it is an integral safety feature to the electrical system in your home. Without these breakers turning off the electricity to trouble areas in your home, electrical shock or fires could occur. If you feel your circuit breaker keeps tripping due to an issue with your Maryland home water system, get in touch with R & G Water System, Inc. today.

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