If power has been restored to your home after a temporary power outage and you find that your well pump will not run, you may be able to help yourself and restart the well pump by following a few simple steps.

captive air pressure switch

What is the Pressure Switch?

The pressure switch is the device that turns the well pump on and off. It is usually located near the bottom front of the tank, approximately 10” – 12” off of the floor. This handy little gadget might just save you a service call.

What Does It Look Like?

You are looking for a little gray box, approximately 4” X 5” in diameter. If the box on the tank has a small metal lever, you may be able to restart the well pump yourself.

What To Do Next

By lifting the lever ever-so-slightly upwards ~ and by “ever-so-slightly,” we mean ONLY about one-eighth (1/8) inch! So, lift it about an eighth of an inch and HOLD IT STEADY at that level. (Be Aware: If you hear a “click” sound, you have lifted the lever too far and you will need to try again). The sound you are looking to hear is the sound of water coming into the tank. Once you hear the water flowing into the tank, hold the lever steady for up to two (2) minutes to allow the tank pressure to build. All going well, once the pressure gauge reading reaches 40 p.s.i. (pounds per square inch), the pressure switch will then take over automatically.

If You Need Additional Assistance:

If after following this procedure, the water is still not restored to the house, call us at R&G Water Systems, Inc., for prompt, efficient service and repair at a reasonable cost. Our phone lines are always open! Out of water calls are our top priority and we will respond quickly to restore water to your home.

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