There are many different types of water treatment systems which a water systems company may suggest. If your Maryland water systems company suggests that you install a water softening system, you may be wondering what that means exactly. Here is how a water softening system works and a few other things you should know.

How does a Water Softening System Work?

Why Do I Need a Water Softening System?

If your Maryland water systems company suggested you have a water softening system installed in your home, it is most likely due to an increased amount of minerals in your water. The most common way this is described is as having “hard water”. If you’re not sure if you have hard water, here are the most common symptoms of hard water.

How a Water Softening System Works

A traditional water softening system works by removing minerals from your water through what is called an ion exchange. As water passes through a tank filled with resin beads, the minerals which make your water hard attach to the beads, while the rest of the water exits the tank and goes through your plumbing. It’s a simple system, but the effects on the quality of water are amazing.

Water Softener vs. De-scaler

You may have heard about a water conditioner or de-scaler being used as an alternative to a water softening system. The truth is, it’s not a real alternative to a water softening system because it doesn’t remove minerals from the water. A water conditioner or de-scaling unit essentially reduces the ability for water to form mineral deposits inside the pipes. However, nothing will be as effective as a whole-house water softening system.

Choosing the Right Water Softener

If you are interested in installing a whole-house water softening system, it’s best to contact your local water treatment system company. They will be able to test your home’s water to determine the best possible water system and then correctly install the system to your home’s internal plumbing.

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