Do you depend on a jet pump for water delivery to your home? If you are having problems with your jet pump or have questions regarding this type of pump system, be sure to call Rick Roos, the owner of R & G Water Systems, Inc.

Jet Pump Problems

What Kind of Well Pump Supplies My Home?

Jet pumps were very popular in the 1950’s through the early 1970’s. If you can hear a motor running in the basement when you draw water from your faucets, you most likely have a jet pump. These pumps are above grade, easily visible, and are usually in close proximity to your water storage tank. In comparison, a submersible well pump is suspended deep in the well that is generally located outside of the home.

Jet pump systems are work-horse systems and are very dependable, but when a service issue arises, it can be very difficult to find a company that can correctly diagnose and/or service these units. While it is true that submersible pump systems are much more efficient in water delivery as compared to jet pumps, jet pump systems are very dependable, and can serve a smaller home adequately for many years if maintained and properly serviced or repaired when necessary.

Who Can I Call For Help?

If you are on a budget, or would simply like to save some money, your jet pump system can often be serviced and /or properly repaired to correct the problem WITHOUT breaking the bank. If you are experiencing problems with your jet pump system, have been told that your only option is to convert to a submersible pump system or if you are just now looking for a second opinion, please be sure to give R & G Water Systems, Inc. a call. The owner, Rick Roos, has both the experience and the training to repair and maintain jet pump systems.

For those customers who may be considering converting from a jet pump system to a submersible pump system, they may find that these conversions can be very expensive. There may be some situations where the conversion to a submersible system would be necessary; however, on average, this is quite simply just one of the options. Rick’s vast expertise has helped many of his customers who depend on jet pump systems, to avoid the expense of converting to a submersible pump well system. As the saying goes, nothing beats experience and with over 45 years of experience in his field, Rick Roos has what it takes!

Rick Roos can be reached by calling: 410-239-0700 or 443-508-2902.

We look forward to your call!