Maryland Well Pump Service

Looking for Maryland well pump service? We place your “out of water” or low pressure call as our top priority, allowing us to respond quickly to your water needs. Our up-to-date equipment saves us time and, most importantly, saves you money.  We provide expert well pump service in Eldersburg, Westminster, Carroll County, Howard County, Baltimore County, and all of Central Maryland.  If you have well pump damage, and need immediate help, we can provide emergency well pump service in Maryland as well.

At R & G Water Systems, we carry a large selection of residential jet and submersible well pumps. Whether you are drilling a new well, upgrading your old pump or replacing a failed pump, you can rely on us for both well pump selection and installation. Based on your altitude, well depth and household water use, we can help you choose the best pump to meet your needs.

There are three different types of well pumps on the market today:

  • Submersible well pumps are submerged inside your well and are typically used in deep wells. Some models have controls that are wired above ground, making maintenance easier.
  • Jet well pumps are typically placed outside the well in the well housing or they can be hooked up in your basement. Jet pumps are often used in shallow wells. These pumps are found mostly in older homes and we work on them often, but submersible well pumps are much more efficient for new installations.
  • Convertible jet well pumps can be set up for either a shallow or a deep well and switched later. This type of pumps is useful for homes with a fluctuating water table.

Different well pump models come with different power (HP), capacity (GPM) and may offer additional features. Selecting the right pump can be as easy as replacing your current one with the same model or as complex as calculating your well yield and household water use. Either way, R & G Water Systems is happy to help!

Call us or fill out the form below if you need help selecting the right well pump or upgrading your outdated one.


Carroll County, Howard County, Baltimore County Maryland Well Pump Service

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