It’s not uncommon for homeowners to see puddles in their yards. The reason for a puddle in your yard can range from common puddling due to rain all the way to a leaking well line. It ‘s important to know how to diagnose why there is a puddle in your yard so you can quickly determine how to fix the issue. So, what is the puddle in your yard from? Here are a few causes.

Poor Water Drainage

One main cause of puddling could be from improper soil drainage. Soil types range from sand to clay and everything in between; if you have puddles in your yard after rain, and if your yard stays soggy for days, you probably have compacted, clay soil. To fix puddles in a yard, add organic material and sand to your soil (over time) as well as doing regular aeration. Over time your soil conditions will improve and water will permeate the soil better.

puddles in my yard from poor soil drainage

Broken Water Line

If it hasn’t rained a lot recently, yet you see puddles in your lawn, you may have a broken water line. Turn off all the water in your home, and then watch the water meter; if it continues to move you have a leak. If the leak is near or on the path to your well or the water main, you should immediately call a Maryland well line service to have them repair your water line.

Low Lying Area

Another cause of a puddle in your yard could be due to improper grading of your yard. If all the water after a storm flows to one spot in your yard, the earth beneath the puddle will become super-saturated with water. To fix this issue, you will want to level out your yard and grade it so the water properly flows away from the center of your yard to more appropriate drainage areas.

Leaking Drain Line

Sometimes, the water you are seeing puddling in your yard may not be water at all, but sewage instead. If you have a leaking drain line, this can cause the earth around the line to start to saturate, causing a puddle. If you notice the puddle in your yard smells bad, then that puddle could be sewage and you should call a local sewage service immediately.

Fractured Irrigation

If your yard has irrigation, one of the sprinkler heads or pipes may have fractured. To check if this is the issue, turn off all the water in your home and wait. If the meter stops, it isn’t a broken water line but instead may be fractured irrigation. To check, turn the irrigation’s water line back on. If the water meter starts to move again, then you have a broken irrigation pipe.

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