maryland well problems

Well Problems

Because your well is often out of sight and out of mind, well problems are not always immediately detected. While it’s not always the case, water problems are sometimes caused by well issues. If your water suddenly changed taste, smell, pressure or appearance, it’s a good idea to get the well checked out as well, besides conducting the water analysis.

Some common well problems include:

  • a missing or damaged well cap
  • damaged well casing
  • well flooding
  • borehole instability
  • decreasing well yield
  • broken drop pipe or check valve
  • worn-out or blocked well pump

Some of these problems may stem from the chemical composition of water that runs through your property. Acidic water may eventually corrode metal well casing and other parts. On the other hand, improper well design, installation and choice of materials can also play their role in the health and longevity of your well.

Solution: depending on the exact issue, repair or replacement of well components might be necessary.