poor water pressure

Having a strong and abundant supply of water is a basic essential when it comes to having a comfortable home and lifestyle in Maryland. Water is needed for drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing, and so much more. If you are experiencing low water pressure is can be so frustrating, from the longer showers to the trickle you get when trying to fill a glass or rinse a dish, you are probably asking yourself- “What is causing my bad water pressure?”

There are a few things you can trouble shoot and consider, but keep in mind that plumbing and water issues are not typically DIY jobs and we really encourage you to give us a call so we can come out and let you know what is wrong and the best course of action. We treat all our customers like family and if you need help, we will be there for you.

Pressure Regulators

The water pressure regulator is a bell-shaped device generally found below the front hose connection of your home. The regulators are generally preset by the manufacturer at about 45 – 60 psi and, in most cases, don’t need to be adjusted. Sometimes though, a pressure regulator goes bad and needs to be replaced, usually due to old age and normal wear. Often times homeowners take this matter into their own hands, which can lead to further water flow problems. Pressure regulators can be replaced or fixed easily by a licensed water professional, and generally at a reasonable cost.


Sometimes home valves are partially or completely shut off by accident. Typically most homes have two main valves, that should remain in the on position, the customer valve and the homes valve are how we refer to there. The customer valve is most often located near the meter box and the home valve is located near the hose bib near the front of the home. Even the slightest turn of these valves can greatly impact the water pressure of your home and is often something that may be checked by a professional.


Any damage to your plumbing that causes a leak can result in a change in water pressure. If you suspect a leak you should reach out to a water professional immediately, leaks can lead to more sever damage if left untreated.

Mineral Deposits

Most commonly an issue with older homes that still have copper and lead pipes installed, mineral deposits and commonplace and occur naturally overtime. Deposits can occur on the inside of pipes and fixtures and dramatically slow your water flow internally. Updating plumbing and water treatment systems are typically the best way to address these issues and result in better water quality and pressure.

High Usage Times

If you are not on a well and using City Water, keep in mind that there may be peak times that water is being used by many others at the same time. This high usage may cause your entire neighborhood to experience lower water pressure. If you have identified high usage times and believe this is the problem you can adjust your schedule slightly, not showering or watering you lawn at a peak time will mean better water pressure for you during not peak hours and better water pressure for those that must use water during peak times.

Hire a Maryland Water Professional

If  you are experiencing poor water flow in your Maryland home, whether you are city water or well water, you may be able to check for a few things by yourself, but having R & G Water Systems come in to test your water and trouble shoot is your best course of action. We can provide you with a free water analysis, same day service, 24 hour emergency support, and we are licensed and bonded to protect you and your home. If you are experiencing bad water pressure in the Maryland area, don’t wait any longer, call us at 1-800-352-9836 or contact us online to set up a water evaluation or just to ask us questions!