green stain

In Maryland, especially Carroll County, many homeowners may notice that their bath tubs have a blueish-green stain around the top of the water line. You might also see a greenish stain on the sink drains or on and around the faucets. These stains are hard to clean and require scrubbing and the use of harsh chemicals, but where do they come from-what do they mean, what’s in my water?

Corrosion on your plumbing fixtures, including these blue-green stains mean that you have an acidity problem. If you have notice the staining on your tub, you may also begin to notice pitting and pin-hole leaks in your plumbing, these can lead to worse problems if not addressed. Your water has low pH, and is acidic enough to corrode the inner copper pipes and wash out some of the copper, which in turn colors your water bluish green and leaves stains behind and damage to metal fixtures.

What Do I Do to Correct Blue Stains on my Fixtures?

There is one solution: you need a neutralizing filter to raise your water’s pH levels. Before installing a water treatment system, always have your water tested first. At R&G Water we offer free water testing, just call us and we’ll send a certified technician to your home to professionally test your water.

After water analysis we help you select the right water treatment system for your home, budget, and water issues. We care about every customer, we want you to feel safe drinking the water right out of your tap and do everything we can to meet your personal water goals and make your home safe. We carry many different types of systems and brands, and we are a partner with the prestigious Hellenbrand water treatment systems.

Once you choose the best water treatment system for your home, we will expertly install it and have your water clean, healthy, and drinkable in no time. Not only will we take care of you from start to finish, we are here for you to help with all of your water issues in the future, and even if you need to call to ask a simple question, our phone is always on!

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