water pressure change

Are you noticing a change in water pressure in different areas of your home? Maybe the pressure is lower upstairs or it changes when you have more than one faucet running? There are multiple reasons why the water pressure could change throughout your home but for starters, here are a few things to check.

Low Water Flow to Neighborhood

Check with your neighbors and see if they have the same or a similar issue. Sometimes, the simple answer is the city or your property manager (if you live in an apartment) doesn’t know there’s a problem with the water system and simply needs to be made aware.

Faulty Pressure Switch

One reason the water pressure could change throughout your home is someone else has turned on water in another part of your house. Typically, this shouldn’t cause an issue because homes have a pressure switch. This valve helps to keep pressure constant throughout the home matching the supply of the water pressure to the demand. If this valve goes bad it can cause water pressure to fluctuate if more than one fixture is using water.

Too Much Demand

Sometimes, the pressure reducing valve is working fine; you’re just asking for too much water for one house to handle. If the washing machine is on, the dishwasher is running, and your kids have the sprinkler on outside, don’t expect your shower to have maximum pressure. You can improve the water pressure of your home by contacting a plumbing service in your area who may advise installing improvements such as a new constant pressure system.

A Clog or Blockage

If you’re having poor or inconsistent water pressure is the same area of your home, every time, it could be a blockage or clog in that particular fixture or area of the water line. One thing to check would be the aerators on the faucets in your home as they can sometimes clog up after a while.

A Leaky System

If you’ve checked all the other options and still have low pressure or fluctuating pressure, you may have a leak in your system. At this point, we suggest calling your local Maryland plumbing company and asking them to come out and give an assessment. At the end of the day, you’ll know that your plumbing issue will be fixed, and you’ll know what the issue is at the very least.

For more help with correcting fluctuating or poor water pressure, get in touch with RG Water today.