24 hour water service

Here at R&G Water Systems, we proudly offer 24-hour emergency support of water systems with same day service available to those who need it. We understand the necessity for water and are here to help whenever our customers are experiencing no-water emergencies. This service is essential to our customers’ health and well-being, and there are plenty of reasons why we offer it.

The absence of water coming in through your plumbing fixtures is an emergency that can happen at any time for a number of reasons. A lack of water prevents you from doing things in your home that are necessary, like showering/bathing, drinking, cooking, cleaning, watering plants, etc. Not having water can easily go from a minor inconvenience to an emergency situation in a short period of time, making it necessary for you to find a trustworthy company that provides emergency water service.

Just the opposite, another major problem is an excess of water caused by a water leak in your home. From small leaks to floods, water can cause harsh damage to your home and personal property. If a leak is detected and repaired early on, it is less likely the damage will be devastating. However, leaks can sometimes form more quickly and with greater quantities of water. Having a water service company that’s just a call away during times of emergency is essential in these situations and could be the difference between a quick, easy fix and an expensive damage repair.

There are outside factors that can cause changes in your water pressure that you might not be able to do much about (neighbors’ water-use in an apartment complex affecting your pressure, or a water main being worked on or replaced in your community), but if your water regulator or an undetected leak is at fault, professionals are here to assist you in inspecting your system and troubleshooting the problem so that your water pressure can return to normal as quickly as possible.

Water contamination is also a problem that can be considered an emergency. Your water might have a distinctly odd color, taste, or smell, which could signify a contamination problem. This can be very dangerous to you and your loved ones. R&G carries a wide variety of water treatment and conditioning systems and are dedicated to ensuring your water is clean and safe.

It is always best to call in an expert when experiencing a water emergency, but there are a few things you can do to prepare for their arrival and ensure you can provide them with the information necessary for them to be able to properly assist you:

  • If a leak is visible, let the technician know whether the leak is intermittent or consistent.
  • Try to locate your water meter (outside of your property, located in a water meter box with a removable cover).
  • Note any current damages to your home or personal property for your record.
  • Communicate all of your knowledge of the water emergency to the technician, so they are fully aware of what has occurred and can recognize the urgency of the problem.

Leaks, water backups, pressure and contamination problems, as well as many other water emergencies are all issues that the professionals at R&G Water Systems, Inc. are trained to attend to on an urgent basis. If you are having an emergency with your water, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us get your water system running smoothly and safely!